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" The 34Bus Collective "

I've always loved painting and an opportunity to help paint a mural in the park I grew up in Edmonton as a volunteer  was an opportunity I  was not going to miss out on. It was also around the summer of 2021 when the worst of the pandemic was over so I was naturally eager to spend as much time as possible in the open. During the process I met Liv, Al and Amy who were co-ordinating the project and had just completed a 6 month course in muralism. They recommended that I go on the course, so I signed up the following month in October  and 4 months later we set up The 34Bus Collective.

" Literally that's how it happened "

I would then go on to finish the course in April 2022. Collectively 34Bus have 15 large to medium scale murals to date spread across North & South London.  

All our murals are driven by the community that surrounds the space. You can learn more about the collective via our website.

Mural Edmonton North London
Mural Palmers green North London
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